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Unless you have an immediate issue, your first visit will be with our hygienist.  During this appointment, she will take a complete set of x-rays, evaluate your gum health and obtain other necessary diagnostic data.  Dr. Byers will come in to discuss your health and concerns, and talk to the hygienist about her findings.  He will examine your teeth, review your x-rays and develop a plan for your dental needs.  We don’t want to simply remove decay.  We want to give you a personalized plan that will help you achieve optimal dental health.  This includes both the eradication of dental disease and prevention of future issues.

Our primary concern is always your health, so the first phase of your treatment plan will focus on establishing a healthy foundation for your dental future.  At the time of your dental prophylaxis (cleaning), we will create a plan for routine care with our hygienists, instructions for oral home care techniques and removal of decay and infection.  If a simple, routine prophylaxis (cleaning) isn’t adequate for your needs, we will recommend an appropriate periodontal therapy option.  By combining non-surgical scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) with Ozone therapy, many periodontal issues can be stabilized in our office.

The second phase of the treatment plan addresses improving the overall form and function of your mouth. Unfortunately, no dental work can last forever. Restorations weaken and break down over time, and will need to be replaced.  If you wait until a tooth breaks, your treatment options will likely involve major treatment to save the tooth. Our goal is to prevent such situations by updating old restorations before they break.  The bonding techniques we use allow maximum preservation of your natural tooth structure.  To achieve ideal function, it’s important to replace any missing teeth.  Implants, fixed bridgework and removable dentures are options to support your smile.  We believe that a healthy mouth is beautiful, but if you’re looking for ways to enhance your natural smile, we’re ready to help.  From whitening to a full mouth makeover, Dr. Byers can design the smile you deserve.

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