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Preventative Services

Routine Cleaning (Prophylaxis):  Regular cleanings by our hygienists are the most important step in keeping your smile healthy.  Even daily brushing and flossing can’t prevent the buildup of tartar.  If not removed, this causes gum bleeding and inflammation which are the first stage of periodontal disease.  Our hygienists will evaluate your gum health and recommend an appropriate interval for your professional dental cleanings.

Sealants:  Once your child’s adult back teeth erupt, we recommend having sealants placed.  This protective coating is brushed over the grooves of healthy, decay-free teeth and is highly effective in preventing cavities.

Fluoride:  Topical fluoride gel isn’t just for kids.  In addition to its cavity fighting properties, fluoride can also reduce root sensitivity.  We offer in-office applications as well as prescribing Prevident for daily at home use.

Preventive Resins:  As teeth develop, they form pits and grooves. For some patients, these grooves are very deep and can predispose them to decay.  By using air abrasion, our doctors can  slightly widen these pits and place a protective resin material. This simple procedure does not require anesthetic, and can decrease the chances of tooth decay.

Examinations and X-rays:  Dental disease can affect your overall health, so it’s important to have routine exams and x-rays.  The doctor will check your mouth for signs of dental issues, and review your x-rays. Byers Dental Care uses digital x-rays which are very low exposure.  X-rays are a valuable component of the exam process because they allow the doctor to see the areas in between the teeth that aren’t visually accessible.

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