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Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a natural way to neutralize the harmful bacteria in your mouth.  Unlike traditional treatments that use antibiotics and antimicrobial agents, ozone has no harmful side effects.  It is simply oxygen.  Designed to eradicate bacteria, fungi and viruses, ozone is created by running medical grade oxygen through a special machine in our office.  It then can be used in either liquid or gas form to fight a variety of infections in the mouth.

Periodontal Disease:  Used in conjunction with scaling and root planing, ozone can be delivered into the space between your teeth and gums in either a gas or liquid form.  It can reach further into this pocket to kill the bacteria causing the inflammation and tissue destruction.  In cases of localized inflammation, patients may be able to apply ozone-infused olive oil gel using a rubber tip or toothbrush.

Endodontics:  After removing the diseased nerve tissue, we apply ozone gas to the exposed canal.  This gas is better able to penetrate the microscopic openings (tubules) inside the tooth and sterilize more effectively than traditional materials.

Oral Surgery:  Reducing bacteria reduces the incidence of post-operative pain and infection. Use of either ozone gas or liquid after tooth extractions kills the harmful bacteria and promotes healing.

Disinfection:   Ozone is a highly effective surface disinfectant.  Exposure to any chemical compound offers risk, but ozone has none.  It is simply negatively charged oxygen atoms.  Ozone molecules neutralize the positively charged viruses, fungi, bacteria and prions.

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