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Root Canals and Extractions

Root Canal Therapy:  The living tissue at the center of the tooth can become infected.  This type of dental issue is normally painful, and while antibiotics may alleviate the symptoms, they cannot cure the problem.  The nerve (pulp) tissue must be removed.  This procedure is called root canal therapy.  Dr. Byers utilizes Ozone gas to disinfect the hollowed canal, effectively killing the harmful bacteria.  The canal is filled and sealed, and a cap (crown) will be recommended to provide strength and protection to the weakened tooth.  Root canal therapy can sometimes be performed through an existing crown.  In this case, a restoration (core) will be placed to fill in the access opening.

Extractions:  Extracting a tooth should always be a last option, but sometimes it must be done. After the extraction, Dr. Byers uses Ozone gas or liquid to kill the remaining harmful bacteria.  In some cases, he will recommend placing a Collaplug.  This dressing helps to control bleeding and protect the exposed tissue to encourage healing. Each tooth supports your overall smile, and if one is removed, other teeth can shift.  This can lead to further dental issues.  If a tooth must be extracted, Dr. Byers will discuss your options to replace it and restore stability to your smile.

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